Here in the Diocese of Liverpool we are asking God for a bigger church so that we can make a bigger difference, and we say: “more people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world”.

We are wholly committed to the aims and thrust of Renewal and Reform as a primary vehicle for delivering our purpose.

This fresh approach to using the resource-church model of mission in industrial towns and areas of deprivation builds on our existing projects in Transforming Wigan and in the Joshua Centre for congregational multiplication. The present development, over the next five years, will develop this work in three major strategic locations and will then plant out six new churches with the same “planting to plant” vision.

I and my colleagues on the Diocesan Oversight Team are wholly committed to doing all we can to support this project in the coming years as a key part of our Diocesan purpose. We share the dream and we pray for the reality – to see 800 new disciples of Jesus in these towns, making a bigger difference across our region.

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, October 2017

 For more information click here to download the Transform-Project.pdf