What is it?

Transform Soul Children is a movement of choirs for young people aged 10-15. We are part of an international young people’s movement seeking to appeal to, and journey with young people. We want to be encouraging our young people and providing hope and inspiration in a world filled with challenges and despair.

Get Involved

No matter where you are from, you and your choir are welcome to be part of the Soul Children movement. Although we might be from many different countries, Soul Children have a saying: “We are the Soul Children, we are a family”. Join us today, and become part of an international movement determined to spread the Good News across the earth – and have fun doing so!

In Warrington on Tuesday at 6pm at Widnes at St Philip’s Church, Westbrook Centre, WA5 8UG. You can listen to, and learn, the songs we are practising by clicking this link.

In Widnes on Wednesday  at 4.30pm at Widnes at St Paul’s Church, Victoria Rd, WA8 7QU.

Sign up for more info here.