Join Us

There is lots to do to create this movement from the ground up. It will be really rewarding to be part of a new thing from the beginning.  We know the objectives but are working out how to:

  • To create a Resource Church Network (RCN) – one church with three locations accessible to a million people in the surrounding area
  • To bring afresh the knowledge and love of Jesus to Warrington, Widnes and St Helens
  • Through loving service help transform the culture of our towns towards Kingdom values.

Transform will serve three of our most strategic towns in the Diocese where we currently lack the presence of a Resource Church and where we have a crisis in respect to youth and young adult engagement.

Resource churches have had great results in affluent university cities. Our three towns are different. They are all proud towns with a remarkable history of transforming the world through innovations in industry and manufacturing. Recent years have seen all of them looking to find a new identity in a changing world. New housing and new logistics businesses have changed the physical and economic landscape. But we still have generations who have felt left behind and with areas of significant deprivation. We want to discover how  a Resource Church can contribute in this area.

Starting in the three town centres, we will develop a church-planting culture so that each centre starts a new church plant within three years, and a second within five years.

We want to help people become disciples of Jesus, which means having every area of our lives shaped by Jesus’ teaching.  Within five years, we hope to see 800 new disciples with 1,200 worshipers across the nine churches spread across the generations. We especially want to connect to youth and young adults.

We will develop a leadership culture that helps everyone develop their gifts and skills. Transform will invest in training and developing leaders in all areas of life.  This will support Transform, but also help individuals in their work and service in the community.

The founding churches that make up Transform already are serving the people of our region through Foodbanks, Street Pastors, Drop in Centres, Night Shelters, Care for the elderly and many other services. Our Diocese wants all our churches to make a “Bigger Difference” to the world around us and for Transform,  social action will be an important part of our work, in partnership with statutory agencies and other charities.

The central team: A Senior Leader, Bigger Difference (social justice) Lead, Operations Lead and Admin Assistants will act as a resource for all three sites.

Each site will have its own local team and within each ministry one person will act as the network lead for all three sites to maximise shared learning, training and resource usage. We are building teams of paid and volunteer positions to join us in worship and mission to help shape each new church, these teams will comprise a:

  • Local Leader
  • Worship Leader
  • Youth Leader
  • Children’s and Families Leader.
  • A Founding team of 30 committed people in each town all who are volunteering in different ways to create Transform

We will also be working with specialists agencies and free lancers to help us with specific things

So, if you are passionate about Jesus, believe in his power to change lives and want to be part of something new, JOIN US.